Glade Park Colorado

In Glade Park, home buyers find breathtaking vistas and plenty of privacy. This widespread and diverse community was once the home of farmers and ranchers, but many decades of declining precipitation has caused these industries to largely disappear. What's left is an unusual and distinctive collection of Colorado homes lying about 16 miles outside of Grand Junction. Most sit on a parcel of 35-40 acres, making it possible for residents to preserve welcome seclusion. Nonetheless, this community also enjoys coming together. A community center is found on the site of an old schoolhouse and the volunteer fire department's "Movies Under the Stars" events are considered highlights for residents from surrounding communities.

The citizens of Glade Park don't have restaurants or hotels in their community, and there's only one store. Fortunately, Grand Junction is close enough to provide convenient access to retail shops, grocery stores and services. Residents enjoy open spaces where pastimes like fishing, hunting, camping and mountain biking are natural choices. Change in this community comes slowly when it comes at all. Luckily, that's just the way that current residents like it. The people who choose to live here are rugged individuals who are dedicated to independence. Most real estate in the area boasts a water well, and many houses feature alternative sources for energy. This means that homeowners are not dependent upon utility services from the outside. Houses found here tend to break from the mold with unusual and often innovative designs. Outbuildings, fenced garden areas and dog kennels are frequently found. Though no two homes in the area are alike, browsers can expect to find an abundance of windows, wraparound decks, gourmet kitchens and hardwood floors.

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Glade Park is a great place to call home with wide open areas providing plenty of seclusion if desired. You'll want to work with an experienced real estate team to find properties in this area and we'd be happy to help you explore your options if you'd simply take a moment to contact us.

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