Whitewater Colorado

With a population of just over 2,000, Whitewater boasts a population density of just two people per square mile. Accordingly, people looking to buy homes in this community can expect to enjoy as much privacy as they would like. The community sits immediately to the south of Grand Junction. As a result, many people who live in this quiet, pastoral place commute to the larger city for work. Residents also travel into the city for typical services and retail shopping. Larger cities are close enough to make this an easy and convenient drive for residents on a regular basis. People living in this outlying community frequently travel to the larger city to enjoy movies, gourmet dining and other kinds of culture and entertainment. Of course, with plenty of wide open spaces and gorgeous vistas, many of the residents don’t have to leave home to find ways to occupy their time. Wildlife viewing, hunting and hiking are all typical pursuits in the area, and people seem to enjoy a singular closeness with nature that simply can’t be found in big cities.

In Whitewater, Colorado, real estate is unexpected and different. People looking for property will find a distinctive mix of old and new construction. While each home boasts its own unique personality, buyers can generally expect to find quality construction on large lots that make it easy to leave the bustle of the world behind. This community is the ideal retreat for artists, philosophers and those who long to enjoy the simple life. Many properties in the area feature fenced acreage that’s appropriate for horses or cattle along with barns and workshops. Cutting edge energy sources, like thermal battery systems, are common in the area, meaning that residents don’t have to rely on being “on the grid” for utilities. People with an independent western spirit will find plenty to love about Whitewater.

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